Knitting Groups in Rennes

Since I arrived in Rennes in October I have been trying so hard to find some knitting groups to join.

It has not been easy and for some reason they are very difficult to find. I did ask in one knitting shop if she knew of anything and she was very vague, ” yes I think there must be one in Rennes” grr so after searching for ages and looking on Ravelry and through tonnes of booklets I found in the youth centre I finally found three!!

Unfortunately I am unable to go to the one in a cafe called Thé au Forneau as I have a class at this time, right in the middle of this time too which is sad, I arrived last month after my class hoping that there may still be people there but sadly no, the cafe itself was shut too. It is also located on the most obscure road that I have found in Rennes so far, i had to ask for  directions, DESPITE having a map in my possession. What I found rather strange was how the place I asked for directions had a map of Rennes as it’s floor…best place to ask for directions ever!

Anyway, so last week I went along to La Maison Heloise, which was not too far form metro Republique. It was so cold that night and very beautiful on my way home as the snow was falling. I arrived at the centre and there were two ladies already there, about half an hour in another two ladies came along. I find it so hard to remember names! Quite unfortunate really, but they were all very nice there. I started knitting a pig! From my new beautiful book I treated myself to a while ago when I needed a pick me up.

I’m really looking forward to the next one! It will be on 9/12, I think I will start knitting lots of little gifts, so no activity online for a while in case someone reads what they will get for Christmas!

On Monday night I went along to another café-tricot, which I found through Ravelry. Béa the lady who organised it has mentioned it in her blog and also has written a bit about everyone who was there which is a lovely idea! The “La Vie Enchantiée” was lovely, my kinda cafe, very colourful and quirky.

I continued to knit the pigs bum as you can see from the photo above!  Imiza was kind enough to untangle my crazy ball of wool for me, at present I have knitted all the pieces of my pig, its just (just…) the sewing left to do!

I am so happy that i have finally started going to knitting groups, if not I would not have started to knit again.

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