Stripe pattern generator and garter stitch amazement

I recently came across this site called the stripe generator

Basically just select the colours that you like and want to use in your stripey piece of work and ta dah!

What is fun is that I can keep refreshing the page and the stripe pattern changes constantly!

What has inspired me to make more garter stitch blankets are the multicoloured fields that I came across when I typed garter stitch blanket into google

What surprises me though is that garter stitch blankets really do look beautiful! Garter stitch is the easiest possible stitch that any knitter can do as it is knit every stitch and knit every row – this is something every beginner can do ! The beautiful examples that I found on google of garter stitch blankets are all so striking due to the different colours used in the blanket.

This blanket is mesmerising due to the use of bright colours. The photo came from the blog ‘completely cauchy’ – link below


You don’t need to alternate the colours after a set amount of rows for your blanket to look good

This blanket is just as striking with a random amount of rows each time and alternating the colours at will!


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