Blooming Marvellous – Intergenerational knitting/crochet project

Since I have been in Southampton on holiday I have had the opportunity to explore the south of England and go on day trips to Brighton, Poole, Isle of Wight etc, and I remember wanting to go to Bournemouth for some reason… and then I remembered why!

I wanted to visit this knitted/crocheted garden in the Bournemouth Library. From the website it looks as if they are on tour for the second time around the UK. Check it out here.

This is an image of what kind of knitting and crochet they do

About Blooming Marvellous – Taken from their website

An intergenerational community knitting/crochet project, made by over 2000 volunteers, culminating in a knitted/crocheted 3D garden which climbed, creeped and blossomed over three floors of Bourenmouth Library and is now on tour around the UK for its second year.

30,300 visitors to the exhibtion at Bournemouth Library

They are looking for people to send them items Рit takes longer than you think to knit you know!

I’m pretty sad that they are touring and the exhibition is in Wales at the moment – oh well I can look at the photos!