Blue Jumper

I recently went for coffee in Bedford Place in Southampton, we ended up going to Halladays Tea room and on our way to the cafe we spotted a knitted window display in Hepworth’s original vintage store and at the time there were people knitting at the table that you can see through the window in the photo below.

Blue Jumper is a piece of communal knitting that can be moved to different locations. The purpose of the Blue jumper is to connect people through knitting

Sarah Filmer explains on her website her aims for Blue jumper –

” i am looking at knitting as an activity that both creates and connects. i wonder how it might act as a metaphor for inclusion, diversity and ‘a community of individuals’, thereby embodying contemporary feminist ideology.

the work centres around a main body of knitting that is added to by anyone who would like to work on it. the only parameters are that the yarn is blue, and the piece is worked on directly. the knitting can be done individually, or in groups.

as the piece comes in to being, and with the consent of contributors, i will be collecting video of the knitting itself, those involved, and other related occurrences. knitters will also be invited to write a small card about their own connection with, thoughts about or experiences of knitting.”

To add to the window display you simply pick up the knitting that is being currently worked and continue knitting.  You can pick which wool and which size of knitting needles you want to knit with, then you simply knit whatever way you want to.

For more details please click –

If you want to join in then you can find details on the facebook group


    1. Hello Sarah, You’re welcome!
      I really love the concept of blue jumper, well done 🙂 I did knit a little bit, I would love to come to the opening, I live in St Andrews, Scotland, but my boyfriend lives in southampton. I don’t know why my details say I am in Ontario, I will fix that now. I will let you know if I am in Southampton at the time of your exhibition 🙂

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