Single crochet pencil case

My mum taught me how to make granny squares but other than that I had no idea how to do any other stitch.

So I thought I would start with single crochet US/double crochet UK – which confused me – and still does, why do the names have to be different?!

Well Anyways I started by making a chain – long enough for my pencil box and then I just single crocheted along it and then turned (by chaining two at the end of the row to start the new row ) 🙂

I used tapestry threads that my mum was going to give away for this project – I just tied them all together to make a self patterning yarn.

If you feel like making your own yarn this way using old snippets of wool or tapestry threads – WARNING – it can take a long time – but luckily I find this process very therapeutic so I was happy 🙂

I also made a purple pencil case – but I don’t have photos yet!! gah!! soon tho