Knitted beret – i am number four and X-men first class

I just watched ‘I am number four’ today and I spotted a knitted hat that I absolutely love! I have seen a design similar to it before in X-men first class which I took a ‘print screen’ of ages ago.

It is a bit difficult to see the pattern in this photo – but it’s the best I could manage. If you cannot see it very well it’s a moss stitch beret with 1×1 rib around the edge.

Here is the beret from behind and as you can see it is pratically identical to the beret in X-Men first class –

I have since been trawling the internet for a pattern but have not come across one suitable yet. I did come across a pattern very similar in Debbie Bliss’, ‘The knitter’s year, BUT it is a beret for children and it has cables on it – grr!

And she made another one which is for a child again but more or less what I want for an adult – rage

SO if any of you out there know of a pattern that is like the berets from the movies please leave me a comment. If the pattern is free that would make it even better!


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