Not so tacky now eh? The plarn revolution!!

So I have recently been crocheting with plarn and my main worry when I started crocheting with plarn was that it would look tacky and weird like some things I have seen online.

When I first considered using plastic bags I borrowed the ‘Eco-friendly knits’ book from the library and used their advice on how to make plarn, however the actual creations were somewhat tacky and tasteless.

I am forever searching for tasteful plarn creations to inspire me but also to prove to people that it is a good idea and can actually look good!

I was trawling the internet for good crochet blogs when I found a blog (Crochet Concupiscence) that had mentioned this artist Magda Van der Vloed who crochets with plastic !

Her work is so beautiful and creative, as I am sure you have noticed the colourful stag at the top of this post. Her work is truely unique and a great example of how plarn is NOT tacky.

Crocheting with plarn is a great way to use plastic bags and can be done tastefully if you use bright colourful bags like Magda has.  I now want to make a granny square mat using bright colours and black like the trophy above.

I hope that due to Magda upping the awareness of plastic yarn (plarn) and the possibilities to make wonderful creations with it, that more people will start using plastic yarn and will not throw out their bags any longer.

I really hope this is a start of a plarn revolution that will take over and eradicate the old tacky stuff that should never have seen the light of day!

Just to make you aware of how this revolution is necessary take a look at the  images below and you will see what I mean!

What should now be made with plarn –

What should not be made with plarn…. a tacky example made by me below!!

Instead… try to make a plarn bag that looks like this one below by Thoughtful Rose 


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