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I have just updated my blog with widgets on the right for you to like my page on facebook and to follow what I get up to on pinterest, tumblr, and instagram via Twitter.

Since I have got a new phone I am able to take lovely photos with instagram, I have a large collection of photos on it so far that I link to my facebook page.

I didn’t think that I would like photo blogging but I am addicted. Any time I have been crocheting for a while I can simply take a photo using instagram and it instantly updates my twitter and tumblr.

Despite how much I love instant photo blogging I have missed actually writing and I plan on writing more about my projects in full instead of a few words on instagram.

So keep checking as I will be blogging more that is a promise 🙂

p.s. hope you all like my granny square ensemble at the top, I took that photo this morning 🙂

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