Plarning around


Many people have asked me on my return to university what I did during the holidays.
I often pause and wonder momentarily if I should tell the truth… Or make up that I was studying all the time, which is sorta true.

What I really did however was make a lot of plarn (plastic yarn ) and crocheted a lot with it!
When I decide to tell the truth the inevitable questions arise, what is plarn? You crochet?!

Yes I crochet and knit and all I did all summer was make things, just plarning, crocheting etc

Anyhow I started making baskets out of plarn similar to this one


And then I began to make mats using all the small balls of plarn that I had.


Here is one I made with a white plarn edging!


And one with black!


Eventually I would like to do a few rounds of double crochet/single crochet around the edge as a boarder.

I made these while I was watching the olympics.

I will update soon with yet more plarn projects!


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