Little knitted gifts for my boyfriend

Perhaps some of you keen knitters out there want to be able to knit something for your man but socks, scarves and jumpers are just too boring!

Well I decided to knit my boyfriend a little mini guitar and a knitted cricket ball! Yes they are not as useful as a jumper would be but oh well!

I made these in the summer and sent them to my boyfriend in a cute little box.



Alan Dart has a pattern for the owl and the pussy cat  and I just made the guitar.


My mum has a book with a pattern for Christmas baubles and I just made a completely red one and then embroidered on the marks.

DSCF9006 DSCF9007 DSCF9008

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  1. Awh, I love the guitar! it’s so cute, even with the strings! I saw the original too and I like how Alan Dart took the peagreenboat to a new level… the owl and the pussycat are actually going to sea in a pod! Amazing ^^

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