Crocheted Granny Blankets for Pause Cat Cafe

A few months ago my wonderfully talented friend told me she was setting up a cat cafe in Bournemouth and I decided to help the way that I knew best, by making her things to make her cafe an even cosier.

The cat cafe will eventually have 12 kitties, but for now has 7 and each of them has their own special bedroom with a cat flap that will only let them in if it recognises their chip – this was new to me – such innovation! So, because the kitties will need to feel cosy and warm in their beds, I started off by making some blankets for the kitty beds.

I chose some yarn that I loved but couldn’t find a project for it, this deep, soulful yarn, with a softness that is just awesome to work with. I crocheted with it until it ran out, but not before it had made the perfect amount of teeny squares.

I chose black for this granny square blanket, because I just love the look of black grannies so much and the colours would have been destroyed against white. Here is a photo below of me joining the kitty blanket all snuggly under my larger black granny square blanket.

The red background is a bit much, it certainly makes the red in the blanket pop! I also had some paler subtle yarns that I used to make another mini blanket, as you will see next.

I don’t love this one as much as I love the black one, but it is soft on the eyes and the cats will love it.

It looks a lot nicer against the black background and up against the other blanket – see below.

I just love making granny squares – they are so easy to make and just stunning! I can’t wait to see how the cats like them now!

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