My New Creative Obsession: Bullet Journal

I discovered bullet journalling a few months ago and after doodling for a few weeks I found I was hooked, no not in the crochet way this time! I have always journaled a lot and written down my thoughts to help me process what I am going through, so it make sense that I absolutely love bullet journalling, it is therapeutic and helps me feel more in control of my world.

March starts tomorrow (how did that happen!) and I have my bullet journal month pages ready to go! All of these pages are a result of a few months of trying what works for me and experimenting with different formats.

My March Goal Page

I had close to 7 goals in February and that was overwhelming! So this month I have four to think about and all four are vital to my mental health.

Sleep More

I don’t sleep very well, so I am trying really hard to get better sleep. But the funny thing with trying to sleep better is, it puts me under pressure and I feel stressed about it…which means I am not working towards my goal number two, of putting less pressure on myself. So if I don’t go to bed early every night, then that is okay, at least I am working on it.

Less Pressure On Myself

I often put myself under a lot of pressure, so I am going to be flexible with my plans this month and not feel annoyed at myself if I don’t do it all. Just like I don’t want to be under pressure, I want to be relaxed. I will do things when I really want to, not when I feel I should. Shoulds will not rule me anymore !

Relax More

Relaxing is super important to me as it helps me to recharge my mind and keep away any anxiety, but I tend to “relax” by reading articles or blogging with a TV show, which can make my mind buzz even more, which is a bit of a fail.

Be Me

This is a tricky one but I will try really hard to do that when it is right and safe for me to do. Sharing my goals page and my bullet journal pages is a big step for me and is a step in being real and the honest me!

Month of Thanks and Wellbeing Pages

On tough days I like to look back over what I am thankful for, it always makes me smile. And on any bad day, I can always find something to write. It is one of the best month pages I have.

My month of wellbeing page helps me to cultivate good habits, like taking meds and flossing regularly. I put a little heart in the column when I do them but may try a little star this month!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my month pages 🙂 I will share my week spreads with you in my next post.