March Bullet Journal: Week 1 Spreads

Hello there, today I will share with you my bujo (bullet journal) spreads for the first week in March. I have just shared the blank versions of my spreads as they were at the start of the week because, as you will probably agree, journalling is a creative and personal process, so sharing it all is just a bit too much sharing! Over the past three months I have tried different week spreads over time and this is the one that I find has worked for me as it is flexible enough to allow for creative inspiration.

I like to start my week with a to do list, which I call my Successes list, this list stays pretty much the same every week and whenever I do one of the tasks I add a little heart  in the column for it. I don’t have daily to do lists anymore for these tasks, as I found it put me under a lot of pressure, so this way feels a lot more motivating!

I wasn’t sure what to call my random thought page beside it, so I have gone for Thought Catalogue. This page is for things that I have been thinking about during the week that I wanted to explore or remember. This is a page for creativity and can be for whatever I feel like putting in it!

Then I have the simple day log spread that I can feel with thoughts, ideas, reminders, mini to do lists. So far I have used it as a traditional journal, sharing key moments from my day.

I will share my blog planning spreads with you in my next post about bullet journalling.

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