Crochet And Kitties At The Cat Cafe

The Pause Cat Cafe in Bournemouth is my new favourite place to chill, I have been there two weeks in a row now and always come away feeling rejuvenated and happier. I can’t have a pet at home until I move out and buy my own place, so for now, the cat cafe will be where I get pet therapy.

Not only is it the purrfect* place to chill and be with cute kitties but I find it is one of the places that I get inspiration for my writing. I am currently writing bits and pieces of my memoir, and it can be tiring trawling through the past, so sitting with kitties helps in those moments of difficulties. I have just filled my turquoise diary (pic below), so I will not be bringing that with me any longer, it had the added bonus of being a cat toy with the book marker. Instead I have a beautiful new journal that my wonderful friend made for me that I will start today.

*I do not apologise for the pun !!

The last time I visited the cafe, the kitties played with me for a while, as you can see above, but then they needed some rest on my cosy blanket. Cute!

I am going back again today for my weekly fix of cat cuddles and writing, so I will share more pics soon.

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