My Willow Crochet Cushions

I discovered this pattern, Willow, when I was looking through my mum’s copy of 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton over Christmas. I decided to save the pattern, not really thinking that I would do it, as it looked pretty difficult. But once I tried it I loved it and found that I soon was crocheting it without needing to check the pattern. It became just as easy as standard granny square and definitely easier than sunbursts, it is the perfect square for chilling out.

I started off making some block colour ones and then I decided to mix up the colours as you can see below.

My favourite version of the willow square has to be the two tone ones as I like the way the centre looks with a window around the edge, framing the pretty shape.


As you can tell from the photos, I made a lot of them, not enough to make a decent sized blanket but enough to make two cushions!

I was able to make one cushion with willow blocks on all sides and the other with one full side of willow and the other a single willow square with a different colour scheme – which is my fav!

I absolutely loved making the squares and even liked joining them up, turning them into covers, which I rarely say! I am very proud of them and will definitely be making willow squares again, perhaps for a new blanket some day.

These cushions now live at the Pause Cat Cafe, with 7 cutie kitties. I have blogged about the cafe a few times now, as I have made granny square blankets for the kitty beds.


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