Sunburst Crochet Kitty Blankets

In my previous post, I shared pictures of the pretty little sunbursts I made from my mum’s stash. If you want to make your own, check out the pattern from the previous blog post.

I love transforming those cute little circles into squares and then lining them up to see what they can become. I tried a few different options for the squares and found that I had enough to make two small kitty sized blankets, which you will see below.

Here are some pics as I joined them up, I just love the colours and it makes my eyes happy that my nails and hook matched my blanket one day when I was doing some joining!

It is not that easy to guess the sizes of the blankets but they are pretty small 🙂 for example the square is roughly 18inch by 18inch.

The colours are just so beautiful that I had to take a few pictures of the blankets folded up in different ways, as you can see below.

I also made one more thing with the blue green sunbursts which I will share with you at the weekend 🙂



Bye for now 🙂