Throwback Thursday: My Knitted SackBoy

Sackman in hat

Welcome to my first Throwback Thursday post πŸ™‚ I have a ridiculous amount of old photos of past projects that I want to share, so I am starting with one of my favourites, my Knitted Sack Boy.

I don’t even know if people play Little Big Planet anymore, but back in 2009 we did and a friend of mine introduced me to the game. It was so popular the absolutely awesome Alan Dart designed a Sack Boy for all of us to knit our own, pattern here. I have knitted a lot of toys since this Sack Boy, but he has a special place in my heart.

Back in 2009, I had a terrible little camera and didn’t know how to make my knits as good as I do now, but it is still nice to look at the old photos. Just look at the old phone appearing in one of the photos below!


Sackboy in pieces
in progree

I loved making the wee fella, he was a bit floppy, so I ended up putting a short needle in his back so he had a spine to keep him sitting up.


He was a cutie to make and was one of the first knits that I had to sew up and sew a zip into, which I feel I did very well so early on in my knitting journey. I had learnt to knit just two years before and had made fairly simple things before this one.
Sackman looking cute

Looking back at this wee dude, I am feeling inspired to make some more toys again. I have been making a lot of cushions and blankets lately and I feel like a change.

Here he is below in his little box ready to be posted πŸ™‚ Cutie!
Sackman in his box...
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  1. Janet Haydock

    Nice trip down memory lane Ruth. He is adorable. I’ve always avoided zips in knitting since a hoody I knit yonks ago needed one and I just couldn’t get it right. Yours looks fab.

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