Sunburst Cushion Cover for Pause Cat Cafe

In earlier posts I shared pictures of the sunburst crochet kitty blankets I had made and some progress photos before I turned them into functional items. I had made enough for two cushions in the end but I wanted to make some blankets so the cats can lounge on them! My thinking process was that the people visiting the cafe will like the cushions and the cats will like the blankets, so I wanted to make an equal amount of both.

I am very pleased with the sunburst cushion, it was a better fit for the cushion insert I bought online than the willow crochet design which ended up being ever so slightly big. The cover on this one has come out snugger, which means it will keep its shape for longer 🙂

In the photo above you can see the little buttons on the top holding it together. 

I made two squares of sunbursts and then joined them together on three sides then on the last side I crocheted roughly eight rows back and forwards of single crochet (US) /double crochet (UK) on that side to make a flap. After crocheting about four rows I made button holes by making a chain and skipping the next double crochet, then continuing to double crochet, thus making a little gap for a dinky button.

There are more colours in the sunburst cushion than the willow ones, but as there is an overlap in colours, they look super cute together.

I love sunbursts so much that I may make my own multicoloured sunburst cushion covers over the next few months. Perhaps cushions to match the blanket I have been working on! 

Happy crocheting 🙂 


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