April Bullet Journal : Month Spreads

Good morning April 🙂

Last month I shared with you my March goal page and my weekly spread layout in my bullet journal. In this post I will share how I did against those goals, lets see them again… and share with you how I will be keeping track of my world in April, with my monthly page spreads.

March Goals Review

Over the past month I decided to set myself a few manageable goals…or so I thought. The only manageable aspect of them was that there were only four of them. But they are all very complex goals that will take longer than a month to achieve! Here is how I did this month 🙂

Goal 1: Sleep More

I failed spectacularly at this! I have not slept so badly in a very long time. Perhaps it was the pressure of feeling I need to get more sleep? It is a mystery to me. This goal totally stays into April, I hear ya Arianna Huffington.

Goal 2: Relax More

Yes I totally did this! I chilled on my sofa with Project Runway and crochet, completely guilt free SO much this month. WIN!

Goal 3: Less Pressure on myself

Oh yea, I embraced this one! I quit on things like there was no tomorrow! I didn’t force myself to go to the gym when I was absolutely brain dead and I also didn’t force myself to blog or read in the evenings when I had migraines or felt really unwell. And you know what, my mind feels so much lighter 🙂 Highly recommend this.

Goal 4 : Be me

Well, technically I can’t be anyone else can I? So goal achieved! Jokes aside, on a deeper level, I hold my thoughts back a lot, so I have started to open up a bit more and stop caring too much about whether it is socially acceptable to do what I like (thanks Sarah Knight). It is still taking time, but I am happy with my progress.

So in summary, I am happy with my goals and will continue them into April.

Now for the detailed month spreads! This is the first time I have shared my spreads, so I hope you like them.

April Month Spreads

Spread 1: Month of Thanks and Wellbeing pages

Firstly, the font of choice for my headings this month is inspired by a pin I found when browsing Pinterest. I don’t do the font perfectly or follow the typography exactly but I like the result.

Month of Thanks

I like to keep track of one thing I am thankful for every day, this reminds me to stay positive and appreciate even the crappiest days.


I struggle with anxiety and depression, so it helps me to keep track of how I feel physically and mentally, this way I can identify any trends. For example, last month I noticed I got migraines when I didn’t crochet much – coincidence? It might be or not!  The more I track how I feel the better I can see what messes me up or has an impact on how I feel. I keep track in each column with a little smiley face or little heart when I have done something.

Spread 2: Month of Successes and Blog Log

Month of Successes

I like to keep track of all those things I do around the house, all those pesky chores and stuff, the reason being, it reminds me that I have done something! Often I feel demotivated or feel bad about myself for “doing nothing”, what this page does is proves I have done something.

Blog Log:  K and P

This page is to record all the big wins I have when it comes to this blog (K) and the my anonymous personal (P) blog I have (told you I have secrets!). I will record when I blog here, stats progress etc. This page is still evolving so I am keen to see how it works this month.


Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 Over the next few days I will share my week one spread for April and a post on how I keep track of exciting forward thinking things like plans for my website and my career.

Thank you SO MUCH for reading, please share your ideas in the comments and feel free to ask any questions. Also please subscribe to my blog to get my posts instantly and follow me on FacebookPinterest and Instagram.


  1. Janet
    April 01, 2017

    So inspiring Ruth. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been finding it helpful to find three things to be thankful for everyday for some time now and it really does help positivity. Like you I would often get to the end of a day and feel that I’d got nothing done. So writing down what I actually did do proved I hadn’t been a waster all day! The day of the to do list is gone. So much better to celebrate a done things!

    1. knittwittowo
      April 01, 2017

      Yea get rid of that to do list 🙂 totally agree!

  2. Mandy
    April 05, 2017

    Thanks for sharing, Ruth! I found the links to different TED talks and things you’ve read interesting. I’ve been meaning to pick up Sarah Knight’s book for a while (I’ve been in ‘read all the self-help stuff’ mode for like two years now). One of the biggest brain changers for me was The Desire Map – pretty much basing all of your actions and goals around achieving a feeling, rather than just setting a goal ’cause it sounds good. I also loved You Are a Badass and The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion. Also, not really a self-help book, but I found Felicia Day’s autobiography You’re Never Weird on the Internet to be really inspiring on a “I’m just gonna be myself even though I’m totally weird” level.

    1. knittwittowo
      April 06, 2017

      Thanks Mandy! I will add those books you recommended to my wish list and hopefully when I am on holiday I can read them 🙂 I particularly like the sound of the crossroads of should and must!

      1. Mandy
        April 12, 2017

        Yes, the crossroads book is awesome and super artsy – full of watercolor <3

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