Bullet Journal: Forward Planning and Week Spreads

I am a planner, a mega thorough planner. IĀ am such a good planner that I get paid to plan projects šŸ™‚ The only problem with planning that I can find is, that it is often involvesĀ spreadsheets and action logs. Ā For my creative work, I do not want to use similar tools to plan out what I want to achieve because I don’t find spreadsheets to be particularly Ā beautiful or creative enough for me to feel inspired.

My beautiful creative solution to planning for my creative work is my bullet journal, it allows me to draw out my ideas literally and figuratively. I also like to use Evernote and Trello for my creative work, blogs on those to follow soon.

My Knittwittowo Road MapĀ 

I discovered aĀ future planning road mapĀ when I was browsing PinterestĀ before I started my bullet journal and I have used this map layout to help me plan out how I can achieve my new years resolutions and my Knittwittowo plans.

Above is a blank version of what I will use over the coming months to plan out big activity related to my Knittwittowo website. I have created one of these already but I wanted to refresh it – as plans can change!

Below is an overview of some of the things I have added to my plan for the next few months. The biggest thing that I have coming up at the end of the month is the business start up course! I decided to sign up to this free course so I could figure out if I really want to run my own business and to learn the tools to do that. I am very excited about the course but also a bit nervous, once I have been to the course and know what to do, there won’t be anything holding me back from just doing it.

Other key activities over the next few months, as you can see below, include my Craft Group at the cat cafe and regular blogging.

What I might do next time is make the road extend over a few pages, so the first spread of pages covers two months and then I turn the page into the next two months. I LOVE THAT, if only I had thought of it before! Next time šŸ˜‰

Week SpreadĀ 

As promised in my last post about my month spreads, I said I would share my weekly spreads and here it is below! It is very similar to a previous week spread that I had but more condensed down. I found I wasn’t writing that much each day and I didn’t want to waste space. I have also added some cute little tape that I got ages ago from Cath Kidston (which I don’t know if she does anymore?). It hadn’t occurred to me to use it in my journal but now I have discovered, that tape will be sticking to my bujo whenever I can!

Thank you SO MUCH for reading, please share your ideas in the comments and feel free to ask any questions. AlsoĀ pleaseĀ subscribe to my blog to get my posts instantly and follow me onĀ Facebook,Ā PinterestĀ andĀ Instagram.

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