Crochet Cat for Cat Cafe

I have been a little cat obsessed lately, it is so wonderful to have a cat cafe in my town and be in a position to go there often and visit the kitties. I have made cushions and blankets for the kitties but haven’t made a toy for them yet, so I decided to make a little amigurumi cat for them to play with šŸ™‚

I found this list of free crochet cat patterns and picked one of the patterns that didn’t look too difficult to make, and I just love it!

This little cat designed by Lilleliis is easy to do and perfect for someone who isn’t fully confident with amigurumi. It didn’t take very long to make, perhaps 3 hours or so. I never time myself making things so it is always a guess but this time I am confident it is a quick make.

I decided to make a solid blue top for the cat which made it easier to make and fewer ends to sew in. Instead of using safety eyes or buttons for the eyes and nose, I decided to use yarn because I have done this before many times and for some reason I thought of the cats like babies who might swallow the eyes!

The tail is a bit odd looking, so if I ever make this again I won’t make one! Or I will make it much longer. This is the best photo I could get of it without making you feel a bit uncomfortable!

I will be bringing the toy to the kitties next weekend and will share photos of the cats cuddling their new toy!

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