The Evolution of Knittwittowo – Part 2

In part one  I shared with you the first part of my story from when I started my blog up to attending my first ever business course. Now I am going to tell you about the past 5 months and what I learnt about myself as I took part in the Fiber Boss College and how I am now setting the foundations so I can run my own business as a freelance artist.


Fiber Boss College and unravelling the inner Knittwittowo – May to Present

After taking my business course in April, I signed up to an online course designed for knitters, crocheters, dyers (anyone who is in the fibre industry creating yarn or using yarn) called Fiber Boss College. It has been a game changer for me as it has got me thinking more about the bigger picture and less about the detailed admin and planning involved in running a business. Since taking the course I feel that I have grown considerably in confidence about what type of brand I want to be and how I need to move from this being a hobby to a creative business.


In this post, I will share with you how Knittwittowo has transformed as I learnt about the psychology of colour, and brand archetypes.


Big Picture Thinking – the Psychology of Colour

At first I expected Fiber Boss College to show me how to sell, how to organise myself, how to do business finances, but instead what I have learnt has been so much more valuable, as it has been much more creative and bigger picture.


When I learnt about the psychology of colour, things felt like they started to click into place. I had never considered the impact that the colours I was using in my brand imagery. So this led me to consider what feeling I actually wanted people to feel when they came across Knittwittowo.


In my initial journalling about how I want people to feel, I decided that I wanted people to sense that my brand was fun quirky, whimsical, light hearted and joyful. So, based on this and the knowledge about the psychology of colour (see my Pinterest board to find out more), I needed to change my look to have more oranges and yellows in it, which are colours that increase happiness and make people feel more joyful.  So remember what my Facebook and website used to look like?



Not very in keeping with the feeling I want my brand to have is it?


My profile and background images on my Facebook and website were very colourful and there wasn’t too much thought given to the look and feel, and not much consistency either as I used different images everywhere.


So I decided to create a more whimsical consistent look for Knittwittowo, using orange tones and a cute owl logo to make my brand feel more fun! The result was the below…quite a transformation wasn’t it? I am still using the business cards above though until they run out as they serve a purpose to help me promote my craft groups and lessons locally.







Brand Archetypes – where does Knittwittowo fit in?

The next huge game changer for me was learning about brand archetypes. Everyone fits into an archetype and so do brands. In all likelihood you have actually heard of archetypes before but you didn’t realise it! Have you heard of the Myers-Briggs personality test  based on the theories by Carl Jung? Well, if you haven’t click the link there or if you have – great, then you know that this personality test fits people into different categories as follows:


When I came across this, it felt like a new concept because I had never heard of the word archetype. So I completed some tests specifically to determine what archetype your brand fits into. So I completed tests by Kaye Putnam and Cerries Mooney and answered the questions as my brand. The result? They told me I was the Jester / Entertainer archetype. When I read into what that meant for me, it fitted well into what I wanted for Knittwittowo, which I wanted to come across as fun, whimsical and light hearted.


The colours that I had chosen (oranges and yellows) fit in well with the Jester archetype, as it is all about seeing the fun in things and looking at the world in a light hearted way. So the colours I had chosen fitted in well with the psychology of my brand and I was feeling good about my brand look.


And the story ends there? That is my brand sorted for years to come! No not quite…


A case of mistaken identity…


I used the orange look and feel above for a while and was posting on Instagram in a fun way as much as possible. I also created a Whimsical Knitters and Crocheters group for people who design and make quirky, fun things. By the time that I left my job in August, I was working properly under the assumption that Knittwittowo was a whimsical, fun brand and I design fun things.


I continued with this for about a month and started to notice that being fun and whimsical doesn’t really come naturally to me all of the time. I am an Introvert and like to talk about serious things, often in a light hearted way.  Despite not feeling 100% comfortable with the fun / whimsical look I continued on with it.


THEN another test came along and blew everything I thought I knew out of the water. I took the brand personality test by Jennifer Kem. This quiz confused me a bit, because it was asking me questions not about my brand but about me, for example, “what image below suits you most”? Not “what image below suits your brand most”? I continued on with the test and on completion I was told my brand archetype was Advocate (also know as the Everyman – a little bit sexist – let’s change that to EVERYWOMAN).


I was SO annoyed. I had spent a lot of time creating a brand based on the Jester archetype and now this test tells me otherwise. I obviously expressed my confusion in the Fiber Boss College Facebook Group and I was rightly told that the test came out that way for a reason.


And that is true.


I LOVE taking personality tests and reading up about my personality traits on Introvert, Dear. The reason the test by Jennifer came out as Advocate is because I am an INFJ, the Advocate, and I have known this for a long time, so why didn’t I put the two together before?


Up until this point, I had thought that my brand had to be something different to me, it had to fit a certain look that I thought was desirable.  What this new test was challenging me to think was, why should my brand not be closer to my personality type? I left a corporate job because I felt I was trapped and being a lesser version of me, so my personal creative brand Knittwittowo should be a true expression of me.


I am Knittwittowo.


So, once I had overcome the initial frustration. I decided to change the colour so it wasn’t as loud and fits in more with my actual primary brand archetype which is the Advocate and as my secondary archetype is Jester, I could keep the cute fun owl! Browns and blues are relatable colours that fit in well with the psychology of the Advocate archetype, so I quickly transitioned quietly into this look below while I did some further soul searching.



Taking the Advocate Archetype One Step Further

The Advocate archetype is all about creating connections with others, being approachable, sharing stories and being down to earth. I want to be honest with my supporters about what my designs represent and to share my stories of how I was inspired to create my designs. The only way I can do that is by sharing with my supporters that many of my designs were inspired by my awe of the universe and from being part of the Humanist community. I designed my flying spaghetti monsters because I wanted to create something that would bring some light hearted happiness to people around me, especially to those in the Humanist / Pastafarian community.  I designed my knitted globe (pattern coming soon!) because I am in awe of the world and became more in awe of it when I became a Humanist. This is the one place that I will ever know, so I intend on celebrating it and seeing as much as I can of it.


Humanism to me is not controversial thing to make reference to. I think that we are all amazing creatures that have been lucky enough to evolve into the beings that we are, capable of speech, of expressing complex thoughts and our creativity in a way that no other animal can. All the wonderful things we have managed to achieve in our short history on this planet is incredible. I also think that we can’t take ourselves too seriously either, so being joyful and light hearted is important.


As being a Humanist has played such an important part in the designs that I create and my creative expression, it is important that this is incorporated into Knittwittowo.  So last week I decided to change the image on my website landing page to a beautiful cosmic image to reflect my awe of the universe. I also used a similar nebula image for my promotion of Talk Like a Pirate Day (A Pastafarian’s special day celebrating pirates!) and then changed my owl logo specially for the week of 19 September to have a pirate look.


I did these changes quite subtly to test them out and these feel so much more comfortable to me and feels authentic! So after testing out my new look, I have decided to launch it properly this weekend and to make some further minor changes.





My New Look *Launching this weekend*

This weekend I will be changing my tag line to Whimsical Humanist Designs and will be using the nebula image throughout my brand. I want to do this change because it feels far more natural to me, I feel comfortable with it and I feel that it really does represent who I am as a designer and as a person. And when you work for yourself as a freelance artist, you are your brand! So if you were to ask me who is Knittwittowo, I would say, it is me, I design humanist knitting and crochet items that reflect my light hearted and honest view of the world.


Below is my new brand mood board showing you what to expect from my new look.



So, on Sunday, my Facebook page,  my Etsy Store, Instagram profile pic, Pinterest profile pic, Ravelry page, LinkedIn Business Page etc will all have this consistent look. There will be announcement with the changes on Facebook tomorrow but readers of this post, you have found this out first.


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